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Whipstock Packer

Whipstock Packer

The Whipstock Packer is a Retrievable Packer used to accurately set a whipstock in cased hole for window cutting and sidetracking operations. This packer serves as a temporary Bridge Plug and permits the whipstock to be anchored, preventing vertical movement and rotation, even under severe drilling operations.

This packer has been designed as a high presure, high temperature, non-rotational Casing Packer, ideally suited for cased holes where multi-lateral extensions are desired. Conventional Whipstock Packers are permanent and involve expensive milling operations to remove, whereas the Retrievable Whipstock Packer can be retrieved, enabling the well bore to be extended vertically.


The Whipstock Packer connects to a Wireline Setting Tool and is set in the same manner as a Permanent Packer. A Hydraulic Setting Tool can also be used to run and set the packer.

A gyroscopic survey instrument is used to determine the orientation of the packer locating key after the packer has been set in the well. An adjustable spline arrangement on the Whipstock Anchor Seal Assembly (Product 20-271) is used to ensure correct alignment of the whipstock face in relation to the locating key.

The Retrievable Whipstock Packer and Whipstock Anchor Seal Assembly are run and landed in the packer prior to commencing drilling operations. An integral by pass system ensures the Whipstock Anchor Seal Assembly latches into the packer without creating a fluid block, and the By Pass Ports automatically close once the whipstock has been landed in the packer. A tension release latch enables the whipstock and Seal Assembly to be pulled free from the packer after drilling operations have been completed.

To retrieve the packer on tubing, use Retrieving Tool (Product 10-171). The Retrieving Tool is lowered onto the packer and automatically latches in the inside Releasing Sleeve. An upward pull will equalize and release the packer.

If required, the Retrieving Tool can be disconnected from the packer by simply rotating to the right and it can be pulled or reconnected to the packer by lowering the tubing again.


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